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Crystalac (BriteTone & Grand Finale) vs Epoxy

First off let's define what epoxy is?

Epoxy is a two part adhesive that forms when you mix epoxy resin and hardener. In its liquid form it’s used to coat, laminate and infuse materials like wood and carbon, to provide waterproofing, strength and durability.

Now to define what epoxy-free or BriteTone is? This is a water-based clear coat product that is high in solids which means you can build more layers quicker. BT dries quickly and can be re-coated within 4- hours. It is also environmentally friendly and safe to use indoors and without PPE.

So now let’s talk about why I personally chose to make the switch from epoxy to using epoxy-free BriteTone. I was slowly finding out that I was becoming allergic to epoxy. I tried to use different brands and still came up with the same results. I kept seeing Crystalac all over Instagram and wondered what that was and how I could use it to make my tumblers. At first I was deterred from making the switch because of how lengthy the process was just to complete one tumbler. I kept using epoxy and kept getting a rash on my skin and having breathing problems so I finally made the switch and purchased a tumbler kit from The Crystalac Store.

That was the best decision I ever made. I of course did research on the products and how to use each of them. I also signed up for Lauren Quigley’s Creative Community (another great investment) to learn everything I could from her since she is a long time user of ALL the Crystalac products. I am happy to say that I love the switch and I don’t mind the extra layering or smooshing. If ever you have the opportunity to make the switch and don’t mind a little extra hard work (definitely feels more rewarding) I would recommend trying these products. I’ve included a quick little chart that highlights the different features of why I moved away from epoxy and why epoxy-free is so great for me and my tumbler making process. Happy crafting!




No solvents in product


Environmentally “eco-friendly”

No personal protective equipment (PPE) required

No mixing required - use right from the bottle

No fish eyes

No harmful chemical reactions

Safe to use indoors and around family

Less bulky/lighter finished tumbler

Most clear finish

Requires heat or torch

Can be used in molds

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